Pioneering the Field of High Performance Medicine ®


Arena Labs brings the scientifically validated tools and training of high-risk, high-consequence fields into the frontlines of healthcare.

We Work With Partners Willing to Do the Work

Of investing in frontline clinicians.

Learning Journey +
World-Class Instruction

Our “Foundations” program guides clinicians through the six foundational pillars of human performance and flourishing. We have collaborated with the world’s top, proven performers and scientists to curate a curriculum that delivers scientifically validated tools and performance frameworks through 3-5 minute micro-coaching lessons. From hydration to sleep science, these tools borrow from elite military units, the creative arts and world-class athletes.

  • Individualized data insights
  • 3-5 minutes in length for easy consumption
  • Six pillars + 17 tools of human flourishing

Wearable Sensor +
Biometric Insights

Through a best-in-class wearable sensor, we provide physicians and nurses with daily data on stress, rest and regeneration to assist them in “mapping” their day-to-day lifestyle. Data privacy and security are central to our mission and these insights are never shared beyond the individual user and our team of trusted coaches.

  • Monitor Daily Rest and Sleep
  • Understand Stress + Recovery
  • Measure Sleep Quality + Efficiency
  • Insight for Improving Health

World-Class Coaching

Our coaches come from backgrounds in high-pressure fields: FBI hostage rescue, Olympic Athletes, Cirque du Soleil, Navy SEALs, and the American Ballet Theater. In creating a one-on-one relationship, they are available on-demand to share the tools that worked for them, and their wisdom, with the clinicians they coach. Our coaches have access to a dashboard to see daily data and insights to create tailored recommendations.

Measuring and Moving Data That Matters Most in Healthcare

First, we focus on the individual:

Reduce Burnout by 41%

We measure burnout through the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index, at the start and completion of Arena Strive.

Increase HRV by 5%

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an extraordinary metric of the nervous system and emotional landscape. Improving HRV is associated with improved psychological wellbeing.

51% More in Control at Work

In a dynamic environment like healthcare, difficult problems are a mainstay. Recognizing what you can and can’t control in your environment is a must.

Then we focus on the team and culture:

31% of Our Team Members Report Increased Satisfaction at Work

We all know healthcare is hard, but that does not mean every day should be miserable. It’s time to change that paradigm.

27% Improvement in Team Members Who Have High Self Valuation

We measure burnout through the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index, at the start and completion of Arena Strive.

Normalizing Performance and Flourishing in Team Culture

Rather than focusing on the negative, broken narrative of burnout, we empower teams with the aspirational narrative and tools of human performance.

Hear From Our Clinicians

  • “I’ve been in super stressful situations at work where I’ve deployed the breathing tools I learned in Strive and it quickly calms me down and allows me to focus and improve my performance. Overall, I think it is really fantastic."

    Holly Gonzales, MD
    Cardiology Attending
  • "By practicing through the use of Arena Strive tools and techniques when we are not physically or emotionally stressed these become the new way of responding to ourselves and slowly replace the old behaviors."

    Krystle Walaski, RN
    ECMO Coordinator
  • “My expectation going into Strive was I wanted some better ways to cope with stress and I wanted to do an internal exploration of whether I wanted to stay in healthcare. Now I am aware that there is a lot of science and research and how to deal with stress. Instead of feeling like the only option I had was to react, I learned I can affect how I respond, to take an active approach. It’s been very very very helpful. My husband wants to say thank you that I am re-dedicated to my current role as an NP. It’s made a big difference.”

    Darla Deese, NP
    Advanced Practice Provider
  • “Thinking about taking a break from medicine was really scary, but I knew I was feeling burnt out… I thought performance was about controlling all the factors. Now it’s turned into a more introspective ‘what can I do to sustain the chaos that is going on around me and have agency over how [I] want to be and who [I] want to be.”

    Lilly Zenor, PA-C
    Critical Care PA
  • “My most utilized tools inside and outside the hospital are the diaphragmatic breath and physiologic sigh. It’s a fantastic way to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, so I can stabilize myself while I’m operating, when I’m encountering a difficult issue, and also to decompress after a long day.”

    Dr. Natalie Krane, MD
    Head & Neck Surgeon
    Oregon Health and Science University