Arena Strive

The world’s best athletes, military personnel and creative performers have performance coaches. We believe our frontline doctors and nurses should too.

Arena Strive is Healthcare’s First Performance Coach™ and brings a data-driven approach to help clinicians find presence and focus when it matters most, both in and out of the hospital.

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Biometric Data

Creating a biometric signature to measure, and improve, the elements of stress management and regeneration that matter most for being at one’s best.


Our daily Arena Check-In supports clinicians in developing a sense of their internal landscape, a skill honed by those at the peak of their craft.

Daily Practices

The 18 tools introduced in Arena Strive foundations come with scientific explanation and suggestions for how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Personalized Experience

From our coaches focusing on tools and data a clinician is most interested in, to refining their custom routine. Strive is not built for all, it’s built for one.

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A New Paradigm: From Endurance to Performance

High Performance Medicine is not about “doing more” or working more efficiently. Instead, it is about the tools and practices that allow a clinician to find focus and peak performance in the hospital and at home with friends and family. Our platform aims to:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Provide tools to manage and adapt to stress
  • Enhance rest, recovery + regeneration
  • Ease the transition from the hospital to home
  • Learn “Active Recovery” for days off
  • Find a sense of control in the demanding realm of medicine
  • Feel renewal and energy in the chosen calling of healthcare

Meet Our Instructors

Understand the science behind light, breath, movement, rest, and mind and how each affects self-awareness, stress adaptation, and regeneration

What Our Partners Gain:

The Arena Check-In

Check in with yourself daily to build self awareness and interoception. The hallmark of high performers. Every day you receive a score to see how you are feeling relative to your baseline. You will also receive a recommendation and a bit of encouragement to improve your day.

Daily Lessons and Practices

Each day a new concept is introduced in the form of a Lesson. Following your lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to put it into practice with your daily practice tracker.

On-Demand Coaching

Create a one-on-one relationship with your coach through an at your fingertips chat feature. Your coach has insights into your progress and can help dive into and understand your own personal data.

Library of 200 Videos

A library of micro-learning video content is available any time for the clinician to explore. The videos are categorized into themes common in the healthcare landscape and presented by leading experts in the science of performance and flourishing.